Video Production Simplified

Dangerworks is your secret weapon for all things video. We are a full service production company transforming big ideas into visual stories.

Featured Work

Obe Fitness | Start Before You’re Ready

Bubly | All Smiles

Comedy Central | Jenny Zigrino | JenZ Special (excerpt)

Cursed Child on Broadway | Wand Dance @ The Edge

BBC | 2022 Earth Shot Event Intro

Facebook Watch | Apocalypse Now This: Season 2

APA | I Came Here to Learn: Ivan’s Story

Nike Running Trail Vest | Go Further

Allure | Cover Shoot with Allison Williams


We create custom solutions for each production.


Tailoring our approach to your needs.

Get In Touch

Concept Creation

Conceptual development for your commercial at an affordable price. Let us advise you on the best way to execute production.

Production Support

Looking for Production support for a creative campaign that’s ready to shoot? We are ready to engage in creative discussions and think about the most efficient way to bring your story to life.

Resources Abound

In house equipment and 5,000 square feet of studio filming space. With our in house resources, we can help you save on costs while still providing top tier quality video.

Post Production


How much does it cost?

This totally depends on what you’re trying to make. Think of it in terms of real estate. Are we building a cabin or a mansion? Both serve the same purpose but are completely different processes and outcomes. The best answer is to get in touch via a discovery call. We have creative ways to make most budgets work.

Do you only work in New York?

Not at all. We done jobs all across the country and the globe. We have the knowledge and know-how to deal with the logistics and local ordinances to create amazing videos in any location the you need.

What is the process to make a video?

It all starts with the end goal. We work backwards from there to create an engaging pieces to that delivers results. Anyone can make a great video but not everyone can make there video great.

Can I setup a retainer for video production?

If you need to create high quality consistent content this is definitely the best option. Reach out to discuss plans and pricing. We can custom tailor a plan that will fit your needs.

Whats in the box?

Wouldn’t you like to know?