After an altercation sends him to a Juvenile Detention Center, Abisai turns to Cafe Momentum where he finds support and job training to help steer his life away from the prison system.

Client – America’s Promise Alliance
Thumbnail Photo – Matthew Sanchez


DANGERWORKS is a NYC-based media collective bringing together brilliant minds to conceptualize, create, and assemble stimulating media.
Founded in 2012, DANGERWORKS is the brainchild of Michael Farino and Jonathan Argudo.
We understand every project is different & work to find effective solutions for our clients’ needs.

Production Services

A one stop shop – we manage all areas of your project. Filming logistics, crew hire, location scouting, OR sourcing that 6 foot cactus that’s crucial for your next music video.

Creative Consulting

Do you have a script for your next sci-fi thriller? A jumbled sketch written on a bar napkin? A raw concept that your client wants to bring to fruition? Let us help you develop your idea to it’s full potential.

Post-Production Services

You did it! Your project is in the can. Now what? Our in-house editors are ready to take a look at your latest creation. Or if you prefer we can set you up with an editing station that can support up to a 4k workflow.

Animation + Motion Graphics

Bonus level. Need some flashy text or “sexy” transitions? We got you covered. We’ll hook you up with the right animator or designer for the task at hand.


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